Milton Fire News

Milton Fire Department urges safe handling of fireworks on holiday weekend

Posted on Monday May 13, 2019

To minimize the risk of fire and burn injuries on the Victoria Day weekend, the Milton Fire Department is urging residents to attend formally organized fireworks displays and to take precautions if they are participating in family fireworks.


“We want residents and guests to have a fun holiday weekend, but there are serious risks when setting off fireworks,” said Kevin Foster, Acting Fire Chief. “Large formal fireworks displays use trained experts to safely handle and discharge fireworks. For everyone else, fireworks can be extremely dangerous.”


Anyone still wishing to set off or display family fireworks will need to apply for a temporary permit through the Milton Fire Department ahead of time and will need to meet requirements such as minimum lot line distances and other safety factors to demonstrate that the display is being held in a safe manner. Setting off fireworks on Milton owned properties such as parks, streets and schools is prohibited and requires a Public Exhibition Fireworks Discharge Permit. Sparklers are not considered fireworks but should still be handled with extreme caution.


The safest way to enjoy a fireworks display is to attend a professional fireworks exhibition. However, if you still wish to consider setting off consumer fireworks, please take a few minutes to review our safety video and local regulations at