The Town of Milton Council has passed a by-law regulating the sale, storage, display and discharge of fireworks within the community.

By-law #37-2009

This is why the Milton Fire Department created the following short video to help residents with a quick and easy way to get all the information they need to know about Consumer Fireworks, the hazards and concerns. We strongly encourage all residents to take a few minutes to watch the video and learn about the Fireworks By-law and what they can do to protect their homes and families.

Fireworks Safety Video

  • Note: if you don't own your property, you need to get written permission to discharge and or sell fireworks from the property owner. The property owner must fill out and sign the applicable form:

                               Property Owner's Permission to Discharge Consumer Fireworks

                               Property Owner's Permission to Sell Consumer Fireworks


Setting off Consumer (Family) Fireworks

Anyone wishing to set off or discharge Consumer fireworks will also need to apply for a temporary permit through the Fire Department, and will need to meet requirements such as minimum lot line distances and other safety factors that demonstrate that the display is being held in a safe manner. The use of sparklers is not considered as fireworks. There is no fee for a permit to celebrate Victoria Day, Canada Day and Diwali, and the new by-law allows recognition of other events.

Application for Consumer Fireworks Discharge Permit

Consumer Fireworks Safety Guide

Permit Fee: No Charge
No fee on Victoria Day, Canada Day, Diwali and the two days preceding Victoria Day, Canada Day and Diwali.

Sale of Consumer (Family) Fireworks

A temporary permit from the Town is required to sell Consumer fireworks on specific days of the year. The Fire Department will inspect the retail site to ensure the vendor is in compliance with building and zoning requirements, Fire Code and with the Federal Explosives Act. 

The Dates for the Sale of Consumer Fireworks are as follows:

  • Victoria Day ( May 12th- May 22nd, 2017)
  • Canada Day ( June 22nd to July 1st, 2017)
  • Diwali (October 6th- October 19th, 2017)
Application for Consumer Fireworks Sales Permit Consumer Fireworks Vendors Guide

Permit Fee: $126

Setting Off Exhibition Fireworks

 Application for Public Exhibition Fireworks Discharge Permit

Permit Fee: $255

Additional Information