Prepare Before An Emergency Occurs

How Pre-Fire Planning Can Save Your Property

Planning ahead can make a huge difference in the outcome of a fire. By understanding in advance the construction, occupancy and layout of a burning building, the decision-making process of Fire Officers becomes streamlined and more efficient.

Simply put, pre-fire planning is the process of gathering information before a fire or other emergency occurs in order to be prepared to deal with it once it happens.

An effective pre-fire plan involves not only the fire department, but also involves you - the owner and occupants of a building. Pre-fire planning should be a joint venture between the fire department and your property management team. A Fire Officer may be the expert in fire safety and firefighting, but your property management personnel are experts on your building.

A successful collaboration can save lives and preserve property.

What is a Pre Fire Planning Survey ?

A Pre-Fire Planning Survey is an information gathering evaluation of your property used to develop a pre-fire plan. It is prepared by the Milton Fire Department personnel who will be responding to any emergency that should occur involving your property.

What does a Pre-Fire Plan consist of ?

A pre-fire plan consists of one or more drawings of your property, along with detailed property fact sheets. It is a concise document that indicates such things as fire department access locations, fire department connections, high hazard areas, means of egress, utility locations, etc.

Basically, it includes all the "need-to-know" facts about your property.

What are the benefits of a Pre-Fire Plan ?

The pre-fire plan will be utilized by responding fire department personnel should an emergency occur on your property. This document will enhance emergency operations and allow fire fighters to deal with the emergency more efficiently and safely, thereby speeding up emergency operations. Hopefully, this will result in reduced property damage and a shorter period of time required for you to resume normal operation

How can I participate ?

To start, you can complete our Pre-Fire Planning Questionnaire.

Pre Fire Planning Questionnaire

Milton Fire Department personnel will follow up with you to obtain any additional information required, and to possibly organize a tour of your property.

If I require additional information or have more questions, who should I contact ?

At your convenience, contact:

Pre-Fire Planning
Support Services Division
Milton Fire Department
Station 3 Headquarters
610 Savoline Boulevard
Milton, Ontario
L9T 0N3
Telephone: (905)878-9251 Extension 2856

The Milton Fire Department is dedicated to the saving of life and property through fire prevention, public education and fire suppression. Your participation in our Pre-Fire Planning process will assist us greatly in attaining this goal.